Home Generators in Bucks and Montgomery County, PA

When so much that goes on in our households depends on the availability of electricity, it’s important to remember that the unexpected could strike at any moment. One bad winter storm, like those we sometimes see in our area, can render a home’s heating and water systems useless, along with every appliance, light fixture, and electronic device, radically transforming its inhabitants’ lives for an uncertain period of time.

That’s why generators are so important for today’s homes. When the power goes out, a modern generator keeps the vital systems in your home running. At Mark Tobey Electric, we install and maintain automatic standby home generators in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA.

Many people don’t realize the convenience of having a home generator installed on their property until the day the power goes out due to a storm or local transformer damage. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an automatic standby generator installed in your home:

  • Seamless Restoration of Power – Unlike earlier generators, which often required manual ignition in poor conditions, a modern automatic standby generator detects when a home’s power has been lost and starts itself. This way, the restoration of power to your household is smooth, reducing headaches and the potential for extended periods without power.
  • Independence from the Grid – Generators that operate using natural gas can run for as long as their supply lasts, meaning that you’ll almost certainly be able to keep your entire household running until the electric company restores power to your home.
  • Reliable Power for Medical Needs – There are a variety of medical conditions that require nearly constant electrical power, making a home generator vital. Whether you or your family members need refrigeration for medication, power for sleep apnea machines, or climate control for sensitive respiratory systems, a reliable generator ensures you have the power you need when disaster strikes.
  • Comfort and Safety in Severe Weather – Your heating and cooling systems aren’t just for feeling comfortable during the hot summers or cold winters—they also keep you safe during extreme weather. When your power goes out in the dead of winter, it’s important to have a generator on hand to provide heat for your home to prevent dangerously low temperatures from causing you harm.

When the electricity goes out, let our generators step in to lend a hand. Get in touch with a generator contractor at our company to discuss your energy needs, find out about the various types of generators we work with, and schedule generator installation with our skilled professionals today.

The Convenience of Modern Home Generators

Unlike the generators of several decades ago, today’s home generators are much more convenient and easy to use. Rather than having to venture outside in the pouring rain, bitter cold, or muggy heat to crank up the generator, most generators now monitor your home and detect when the power is out so they can start up automatically. You no longer have to risk your personal safety or comfort to get the power back—just sit back and wait for the safe and convenient generator to do it for you so you and your family can wait out the storm in peace, safety, and comfort.

Contact our team today to learn more about what a modern automatic standby generator can do for you. We proudly serve clients in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania.